What is the role of a wedding planner?

wedding planning

Are you going to get married and wondering if you should hire a wedding planner? There are many reasons why it is recommended for all brides to hire a wedding planner to assist them in planning your wedding. People are afraid that if they are going to hire a wedding planner, that you will not be able to make certain decisions. However, this isn’t the truth. A wedding planner needs to get approval for everything that they are doing. Here is the role of a wedding planner if you have hired a great planner:

They plan the day around your theme

The first thing that a wedding planner is going to do is to make sure that they plan the day around your theme. With wedding planning, they are going to ask what your color scheme and theme is. This will give them an idea of how to plan the day correctly and to make sure that your venue is looking great and suitable for the theme.

They need to make sure that they are going to get your approval for everything that they are planning. This is actually your day, and you can say if you like the idea or not.

Make sure that everything is organized before the wedding day

The wedding planner is going to make sure that everything is organized and ready to go before the wedding day. You don’t need to stress if you have thought about everything and if everything is on schedule. You can just relax and make sure that you enjoy the time. For most people, this only happens once.

There are many things that a planner needs to consider before the wedding, and things that need to be organized on time. This is a huge task that is been taken off your shoulders.

That everything is going smoothly on the wedding day

With wedding planning, there are some things that you need to look at on your wedding day. And, because you want to relax and make sure that you are looking great on your special day, you don’t have the time to go over everything.

This is why you need to hire a wedding planner. They are going to make sure that everything is going smoothly on the wedding day, while you are just relaxing and getting ready for the wedding. You don’t need to stress about anything.

Cleaning up and ensuring that everyone is getting paid in time

Most people think that when the wedding is over, the hard work is done also. This isn’t the truth. Who is going to clean up after the wedding and making sure that everything is getting paid in time, while you are on holiday?

Wedding planning is really hard work. Many brides to consider hiring a wedding planner to assist them in planning their wedding. The problem is that they don’t know what the wedding planner’s role actually is. With this information, you will not only know the importance of having a wedding planner but also what role these planners actually are playing in a wedding. Visit this site for more information : http://akronweddingplanning.com/

Is Getting a Limousine For Your Wedding Too Much?

This is not often the question of many bride-to-be’s. In fact, this rarely becomes a problem because most brides only want the best and that includes getting a limousine for their wedding. Most couples splurge during their wedding day and getting a limousine is just nothing compared to what they’ve done for the day.

However, in this rare occasion that the bride wants to have something simple, they may ask the question, “is a limousine too much for my wedding?”

The answer is very simple. The answer is a short no. Limousine is a flexible car that can be used for any occasion. Getting one for your wedding won’t make it tacky. In fact, it can transform a simple wedding into an elegant once if done right.

Should I get a limousine for my simple wedding?

wedding limousineYes, definitely.

As I’ve said before, it can make your wedding more memorable. Even a simple wedding can use the help of a great limousine ride. A simple wedding does not mean that you can’t rent a limousine to drive to your wedding. You can rent a limousine and still be a simple wedding.

That is the beauty of renting a limousine. It will look great regardless of the occasion. If you are shooting for a simple wedding, a limousine would add a touch of class to that. A limousine is a flexible transport vehicle that is perfect for any occasion, more so in weddings.

Where to find a good wedding limousine?

There are many companies offering vehicle rentals. However, not too many of them have limousines, or wedding limos for that matter. If you want a specific wedding limousine, you will have to look further than your average car rental company. Luckily, there are many limousine rental company all over the USA. A quick google search would net you with more companies than you can imagine. You just need to find a company that suits your needs and preference.

When selecting a wedding limousine company, make a shortlist first. After that, contact them one by one and ask about their pricing, services, packages, experience and other related stuff. Once you have a good idea of what the fair price is for a wedding limousine, compare them and select the company that offers the best bang-for-your-buck. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to always select the cheapest one. You need to consider other things like quality of service as well.

How Stress Can Ruin Your Special Day

If you’ve been planning your wedding for months now, you should already know how taxing and stressing it is. It is a kind of work that would easily take its toll because of the amount of preparation needed. If you think about it, you may wonder at how come it could cost so much stress being that it is just a one-day event? Well, the answer is simple. The reason why wedding planning is so stressful is you want that special day to be as perfect as can be. That is your wedding after all, so it makes sense that you match it with your dream wedding.

Stressing over small details can make wedding planning a hassle

You need to get over the fact that there will be some mishaps during and before your wedding. Even the most experienced wedding planners would tell you that you should expect a little hiccup here and there, but it’s nothing to stress over. If you’re a perfectionist, that may seem like a bad thing but I assure you that it’s not. Stressing over some small details is something not worth your energy.

Let me tell you about a recent client of mine and her story. She was a known perfectionist. Even her friends warned me about this exact trait of hers. They told me that I need to get everything done perfectly to keep the bride happy. They basically told me that the bride would lose her marbles if one thing isn’t perfect without telling me explicitly. In all fairness, I try to make each and every wedding I arranged as perfect as possible.

What if something goes wrong the day of the wedding?

wedding photoAs luck would have it, something went wrong the day of the wedding. Mind you, the mistake would probably be unnoticed by many people, but not this bride. Definitely not this one. The flowers came in but they were a shade darker than advertised. What she wanted was a sunlight yellow color and what came was colored sunset yellow, almost orange-yellow in color. Actually not a big deal since it was a shade that is close to the desired color, too close in fact that you wouldn’t notice unless someone points it out.

The bride, after careful inspection of the flowers, was close to fuming. She wanted to return the flowers to the vendor and promptly demand another set of correctly colored flowers, the colors she wanted. What came after were a series of calls made by me to the vendors. I know my requests would be denied but I tried nonetheless. You know the old adage “the customer is always right.”? That is basically how I operate given the competition of this business.

The game must go on

After several hours on the phone, I broke her the bad news that there would indeed be no flower replacement. She cried. I cried. I cried not because I failed her. I cried because I basically wasted my time talking about a futile thing. The time I spent on the phone could’ve been spent on something more productive, like making sure that the wedding would go as planned. Instead, I used my precious time consoling the bride and talking to vendors about a thing so small that 99% of the population won’t even noticed.

But the game must go on so we persevered. Well, I persevered through the day. The couple managed to have a pretty successful wedding, all things considered. However, that wedding could’ve been more perfect if it weren’t for the bride stressing over that one small thing. It’s worth pointing out that thinking about something so small, especially at the day of your wedding, can easily ruin this special occasion.


5 Top Photobooth Softwares For Your Photo Booth Business

 If you are running a photo booth business or thinking about starting one, you better know a few of the program applications you need to make your effort a big success.

If you are thinking of chopping cost and simply do some DIY jobs for your photo booth rental business, you will possibly not have the ability to keep up with the brutal competition.

In this article, let me give out 5 of the most effective photo booth software packages for your photo booth business.


  1. Photo Booth Solutions

Community Booth is popular among photo booth experts worldwide, and it is straightforward to understand why. The program is super easy to setup and will be offering just about every feature you can ask for from a photo booth computer software. Just plug in your webcam or DSLR camera and go. You will be creating photographs, videos and animated GIFs in no time. Everything can also be distributed via Facebook, Twitter, and Email& Text message. Social Booth’s simplicity and advanced functions make it an excellent choice for your photo booth business.

  1. DslrBooth

The DslrBooth is very fun and easy to use. All you have to do is to install it on your personal computer, hook up your DSLR camera and you have an instant photo booth.A significant thing about DslrBooth is its impressive design and features. It is created using the latest technology so that you will get the best quality prints. You can also instantaneously reveal your photos via public networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Sparkbooth

The Sparkbooth is a user-friendly software that can make your photo booths popular. The software is not hard to download and install. With an addition of a camera, your customers and their friends will have a great party.

There’s also different customizable features and photo size alternatives. You do not have to let your guest leave empty-handed as you may use Sparkbooth to build beautiful keepsakes. If that is not enough, Sparkbooth lets you upload your photographs on social advertising.

  1. Breeze System

This is among the best photo booth software packages due to its many features. It can benefit you download, coordinate, browse, process, create web galleries, control video cameras, and operate your photo booth from your personal computer.

The Air flow System can be used for “push button” and touchscreen photo booths. It enables your photo booth to have a live view and automated printing capabilities. It could even do green screen and training video shooting.

  1. Simple Booth

The biggest advantage of Simple Booth is its capacity to be run using an iPad via an easy-to-use iPhone app and hardware. There will vary applications to choose from depending on your need. They may have customised strategies for personal or business drives.

When you get your Simple Booth, you will obtain their futuristic Halo technology. It is a photo booth using an iPad and outfitted with a big circle light. It will change the way you think about photo booths.

  1. Darkroom

A darkroom is a specialist software that will take your photo booth business to the next level. There are different Darkroom ideas that you can choose from. They are Darkroom Booth, Darkroom Central, Darkroom Expert, and Darkroom Assembly. Each of these plans will meet your unique needs and budget

Lastly, running a photo booth should not be complicated or expensive. Visit this site for more information : http://columbusphotoboothrental.net

Some Best Ways To Find Cheap Wedding Dresses

If you should be a to-be woman but additionally considering a budget while planning inexpensive wedding dresses are perfect to begin your search for wedding-related shopping.

Many women might believe that when they purchase a relatively inexpensive outfit because of their wedding, they are opting for that most significant time of the lives for a and low-branded bit of clothing. This is not nevertheless true. Just because there comes a gown cheap does not necessarily imply it’s to appear second level. Today actually there are lots of women, that are choosing discount clothes.

Everywoman want to celebrate and purchase a lavish and expensive wedding gown for that big day and desires of a perfect wedding; however, nearly all women do not have an enormous wedding budget. Even more, paying a large number of dollars that also for just one time, on only one dress, doesn’t seem reasonable to get a large amount of us, thus getting clothes can be the best choice in such instances as well as an intelligent. Purchasing cheap dresses is just an excellent choice for anyone women that desire to maintain down the marriage price to an amount that is achievable.

Now let us visit a few shops where we are able to purchase some beautiful nonetheless inexpensive wedding gowns:

Rentals – you can find clothes rental shops available that’ll permit you to hire these clothes for cheap prices. While all of the gowns listed here are used wedding dresses, but that doesn’t imply that it is below your pride wear and to purchase them. All of the clothes listed here are in an ideal condition. Nevertheless, this can be a correct and cheap method of purchasing a wedding dress only when you maintain your dress after your wedding and don’t desire to prize.

Outlet Shops – you will find several outlet stores selling clothes and wedding dresses for selling at reduced costs in the prior year’s selection that’s been displayed. As so when the brand new wedding gowns get to a store, the clothes that are remaining are subsequently shifted to these outlet stores.

An outlet store is where you are able to get a wedding gown costing as large as $1000 for nearly half the initial price. Just because these clothes are from the fashion trend of last year’s, does not always make sure they are less popular. It just implies that the store are also providing inexpensive clothes to people and wants more space for your latest wedding gowns.

Thrift Shops – If you do not have a luxurious plan for a great wedding, then don’t allow frustration consider the cost you, as music stores are outstanding to purchase stunning wedding dresses. So that they contribute these towards the music stores for others to purchase lots of people in the current situations do not desire to protect their unique wedding dresses for future thoughts.

These are almost as beautiful to check out whilst the other wedding gowns which you might normally purchase from the typical branded store. Furthermore, destroyed by any means or wedding gowns are designed to be used only one time, so that they do not get dirty, thus are almost-new whenever you shop for these from the thrift store.

It willnot matter how large or little your big day budget is; what must issue may be the way you differentiate other issues along with cash, in ways as you are able to get things within an amount which your wallet are able, including cheap clothes. Whether you are taking care of perhaps a used one or a fresh wedding gown, settlement wedding gowns are to top that, they wont cost you a lot of money and also simply as fairly.

Twis Weddings encourages you to go to http://www.dtpwedding.com where you’ll obtain access to suggestions and educational and useful methods to assist you to prepare your dream wedding. You’ll manage to read more good articles on wedding gown ideas here https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wedding-dresses/

5 Websites that Makes Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding Planning is one of the most leading businesses of the modern world. People in this age are busier in their professional life and face difficulty in finding time for personal leisure time and activities. Traditional styles of wedding involved more family members who take part in planning and executing functions, but now professional wedding planner are there in the market to do the same job in an efficient way. Here are 5 websites of different wedding planners that you can see for consulting and getting services for your wedding.

Green Wedding Shoes


Green wedding shoes company offers inspirational theme based decorations that adds life and charm to the celebrations of the wonderful moments of your life. It offers amazing services of bridal shower at the beach bungalow at the time when a girl plans about dreamy wedding. A variety of things such as dowel rods, spray paint, and peg board are used in beautiful airy space. The photography sessions include theme of hanging rattan and floral chandeliers from above to create a natural scene. The website includes a number of inspirational boards and planning guides by the wedding planner. All the guides are perfect to impress your life partner.

The Wedding Spot
Everyone wants the big day of their life memorable with the beautiful and peaceful time they had spent on the wedding venue. The Wedding Spot Company is the right choice for all who are looking for something marvelous about the arrangements by event planner. It gives a detail of components that are necessary for selecting a venue. It gives a cost breakdown of list of amenities and venue photos. The customer service department gives complete details of the setting required by the customer. You just need to search the venue, discuss the price, and ask for discounts if they are available. Whether it is Bay Area, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe or Hawaii, you can order any suitable venue that you like.

5 Websites that Makes Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding Wire
Customized tools of Wedding Wire Company are very famous for setting the goals according the needs of individuals who want to step ahead for marriage. There are a number of tips, ideas, and articles by the wedding planner on the website that can help you find the best things for your wedding. The company not only offers easy to use planning tools, but also assists about venue, finding best wedding vendors, looking for forums, selecting dresses, discovering inspiration. The registration process is also available on the website. It is the best wedding planning site that gives you all the information on one platform.



Offbeat Bride Company promotes the funky style inspiration for wedding planning. Themes such as portal wedding cakes, cup cakes, and portal balls are the unique and new way of celebrating the sweet moments of engaging in a new relation. Love wins themes of playful Oregon wedding with pizza and toys are another specialty of the company. People now are not choosing wedding and event planners as they see modern methods of celebration more interesting and enjoyable.

All these different and inclusive wedding planning websites promote different types of planning weddings to add more charm in your happy moment.

Themed Weddings – How to Plan For It

wedding photo jumpmanIt is no surprise that every couple wants their wedding to be unique. Everybody wants to have their own version of wedding. They want to have a one-of-a-kind wedding to make their wedding a little more special. Most of the millennials don’t want a traditional wedding where you do the usual wedding routine. Everybody wants to be unique in their own way. Couples would go out of their way to make their wedding stand out from others by introducing a theme that is truly their own. This may seem surprising for some people but it is quite normal. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, wouldn’t you want it to be something special?

Themed weddings – what the fuzz is all about

Themed weddings are weddings that are customized to fit someone’s preferences. Themed weddings are considered unique since they won’t follow the usual wedding ceremony routine. You can never really tell what theme a particular couple wants until they tell you all about it. They can choose the more usual theme and go with a Persian wedding style or choose a theme that is a little out there with something like a vampire-themed wedding. It doesn’t matter what kind of theme a couple wants.

The point of having a themed wedding is to become unique and create a truly special wedding memory.

If you’ve ever considered a theme for your wedding day, you want it to be special to both you and your spouse. You want your theme to mean something for both of you. Perhaps an inside joke or a theme surrounding your hobbies. Your choices are limited to your imagination.

How much does a themed wedding cost?

If you go the easy route and pick out a themed wedding template, you can save a lot of money. There are many themed weddings packages that you can choose for your wedding. The price for the more common themed weddings like garden, shore, Indian, and more is not that much different than your traditional weddings. The price increase comes in when you want some additional changes to the package. The bigger the changes, the bigger the jump in price you’re going to have.

For a truly unique themed wedding, the price can be a tough estimate. It truly depends on how unique the theme is. It also depends on how easy can the theme be implemented. For instance, if you want a medieval type themed wedding, it is going to cost you a lot. The wedding expense will need to factor in the costume, venue, food, drinks and more – obviously, certain themes will cost more than your average wedding.

If you really want a truly unique wedding but don’t want to spend that much, just select from your wedding planner’s themed wedding packages and make some small changes. By going with this choice, you will get a unique wedding but won’t necessarily break your bank.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Planners For My Themed Wedding?

A wedding planner takes care of arranging small wedding intricacies. Wedding planners make sure that the wedding day is enjoyable for all the guests in the ceremony. Wedding is the most important day for the couple and that means it should be perfect. It is a union of love after all. All couples want for their weddings to be enjoyable and full or memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Because of the importance of wedding day, couples should not arrange the wedding themselves because it will just cause too much stress. The best way to go about wedding planning is to hire a professional to do it. Hiring a professional makes sense because they have the proper experience and skills to make the day as hassle-free as possible. They have all the contacts, knowledge, and social skills to get what you need in a very efficient manner. They know who to call to get something. That is a valuable skill to have, and a skill that can only be had through experience and proper networking.

planning a wedding event

Wedding Planner Help

There are many things that a wedding planner needs to organize to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Even mundane tasks need to be completed because you would want for everything to go as smoothly on your wedding day. When you hire a wedding planner, you don’t need to worry about the small things. Wedding planners will take care of them. All you need to worry about is how to look your best on your wedding day. Small wedding things should be the least of your worry once you hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planning is not an easy work. It is actually a very stressful job. As a wedding planner, they have to deal with many vendors and stores at the same time. Each of them wanting to get a client. Add to that the pressure of getting a client their perfect wedding package while working with a certain budget restriction. It is indeed a hard job but a necessary one at that. Hiring a wedding planner takes away majority of the stress in wedding planning. All you need to worry about then is when making the final decision about certain wedding elements.

Check Wedding Planners Reputation

Before you hire wedding planners, make sure to check their credentials and experience. The price can vary greatly between wedding planners so choosing the most expensive one do not actually mean that they are the best wedding planner out there. You need to have an idea of what kind of wedding you want. If you are going for a themed wedding, hire someone with experience in dealing with unique weddings. There isn’t a wedding planner that is exceptional at any type of wedding. Many wedding planners have their own niche in which they specialize. Figure out what your wedding is and you’ll know which wedding planners to hire.


Wedding is bliss along wedding planners

Role of facilitators could not be neglected in any phase of life. Facilitators are more than helpers, helpers let you work but facilitators takes whole responsibility and performs it greatly. Wedding planning is not an easy task. Any event either its wedding or any other religious or official event needs to be arranged properly.

Tasks related Wedding planning

Wedding planning seems interesting but it’s hectic too. Planning is time taking process if its specially wedding related. Wedding is not a simple event which evolves may be two or three noticeable targets. Wedding planning has a long list starting from budget to end moment of leaving hall after happily married.

Budget planning, making up list of guests, essential shopping for wedding day, reserving hotel, hiring catering services, designing invitation cards, selection of beautician, DJ’s, floral and transportation arrangements, photography etc. all of these tasks are not easy and could not be made at once. They are time taking and as well demands energy from an individual.

Wedding is bliss along wedding planners

It needs to be planned properly as, this one day of wedding is very special and important. Not only two persons are involved, it involves two families, participation of so many guests. Marriage is a religious document and legal license for two bodies to live their life happily after. It is a day of bonding two souls not merely two bodies.

This day should not be wasted in worrying about either beautician has come or not anything like that instead, it should be enjoyed at fullest for making it memorable ever.

Duties of wedding planner

Wedding planner deals with all wedding related activities. Full filling complete checklist and organizing each happening event beautifully is the prior duty of wedding and event planner. Responsibility of wedding and event planner is not limited to taking off the basic duties from the shoulder. They are the one who is responsible for facilitating your dreams about that day in real.

For starting business of wedding and event planner you don’t need to take a professional degree from some recognized institute. You can also visit out best article here for more information. A professional wedding and event planner should have set of skills, qualification, market research and some related experience. Although, some schools in U.S is offering specialized degree in wedding and event management.

Need of wedding and event planners

Need is significantly identified, from its growing business figures. Out of every $8 spending, $1 is spent on wedding related items or articles. Wedding industry is next upcoming new and growing industry. In the end also checkout this link:http://www.sayulitalife.com/playablissweddings here. Our society needs the services of these planners when, every person is busy in gossiping, making fun and enjoyment there should be at least one person or a group who look at DJ’s  and videographer arrival.

Demands from Wedding and event planner is very countable like, guest management and service coordination. But, glittery well managed and arranged event is the surety sign for the success of planner. When bride and grooms see their dreams come true like some fairy tale will eventually pushes the business of that planner upwards.

Bride On A Budget: 5 Ways To Plan Your Wedding Without Going Broke

Whether you like it or not, it’s wedding season. That means banquet seating, buffets and open bars. With my own big day coming up in August, I now have a year’s worth of wedding planning (and budgeting) under my belt.

The past 12 months have been some of the most stressful, fun and rewarding ones of my life. But more than anything else, they’ve been educational.I’ve learneda lot about myself, the people around me and what I’m really looking to get out of my big day. We all want our weddings to be special, but does that mean the wedding also has to cost an arm and a leg?

While that answer may be different for each of us, here are five general lessons to help any couple plan their special day:

1. Give yourself time to shop around.

I got engaged in May 2015. I found that by giving myself enough time to plan, I managed my stress levels. I found the vendors I really wanted, while still giving myself enough wiggle room to shop around and find the best value.

I also got a lot of planning done early. Therefore, I had a strong sense of my budget and where I could overspend. Setting priorities in your budget can help you decide what you’re willing to splurge on and what you’re willing to give up.

For me, the most important costs were my photographer and my dress. I knew my photos would last a lifetime.Considering the fact you only get to plan your wedding once, having the time to plan, save and weigh your options can make it an enjoyable experience instead of a stressful one.

2. Never buy the first dress.

Speaking of dresses, it’s usually not a good idea to buy the first one you try on. I thought I found my dress at the first store I visited, but a friend convinced me to visit another store.The store was filled with designer dresses, which I assumed I couldn’t afford. But lo and behold, there was my dream dress. It ended up costing less than the dress from the first store.

It’s OK to be picky and take your time deciding on a dress, even if you’re shopping on a budget. Ask a lot of questions, and check to see if what you like is on sale.

Try on dress after dress until you find the perfect one within your budget. This is a very special process, so make sure you really love what you have on. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away.

3. Don’t sweat the guest list.

The guest list can be one of the most stressful parts of the planning process, especially when you’re sticking to a budget. It’s easy to worry about cutting down your list down to a specific number.

But, I realized the most important people at my wedding would be my fianc, my best friend and my mom. Making sure I had my nearest and dearest with me when I said I do was what mattered the most. The rest of the guest list fell into place as a bonus.

4. Make decisions together.

My fianc even though he was really supportive throughout the entire process made it clear pretty early on that planning weddings wasn’t his forte. Still, I wanted him to feel involved, especially since the day belongs to the both of us.

When we both called the shots and co-owned the experience, there was less pressure on us as individuals. In our case, I gave him total control over the cake. We went together to the bakery, but he had the final say on everything.

He felt involved without being overwhelmed or tasked. This was also a really great way for me to take a step back and get a break from making decisions.

5. Don’t go into debt.

At the end of the day, a wedding is a special occasion where you’re surrounded by the people you love the most. But it’s just that: a single day.

Accruing thousands of dollars in credit card debt simply to put on a lavish wedding can create a rocky start to any marriage. I’ve battled debt before. Therefore, it was important to me to stay debt-free throughout the entire wedding planning process.

In order to earn some extra income while paying down my credit card debt, I turned to Fiverryears ago. But plenty of brides turn to other resources in order to save up for their big day.

As part of the process of preparing for your wedding, look at incremental income streams that take advantage of any skills you might have. For me, it was voice-acting.If you’re at a loss for where to get started, check out this list of 20 side hustles you can start in your 20s.

When it comes down to it, planning a wedding can be really fun. If you give yourself enough time, approach it as a team and prioritize what you really want, you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

I had a blast planning my wedding. I even enjoyed finding ways to do it for less. So, outside of hoping that there’s norain on my wedding day, it should be smooth sailing.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/life/bride-budget-wedding-debt/1479616/