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How Stress Can Ruin Your Special Day

If you’ve been planning your wedding for months now, you should already know how taxing and stressing it is. It is a kind of work that would easily take its toll because of the amount of preparation needed. If you think about it, you may wonder at how come it could cost so much stress being that it is just a one-day event? Well, the answer is simple. The reason why wedding planning is so stressful is you want that special day to be as perfect as can be. That is your wedding after all, so it makes sense that you match it with your dream wedding.

Stressing over small details can make wedding planning a hassle

You need to get over the fact that there will be some mishaps during and before your wedding. Even the most experienced wedding planners would tell you that you should expect a little hiccup here and there, but it’s nothing to stress over. If you’re a perfectionist, that may seem like a bad thing but I assure you that it’s not. Stressing over some small details is something not worth your energy.

Let me tell you about a recent client of mine and her story. She was a known perfectionist. Even her friends warned me about this exact trait of hers. They told me that I need to get everything done perfectly to keep the bride happy. They basically told me that the bride would lose her marbles if one thing isn’t perfect without telling me explicitly. In all fairness, I try to make each and every wedding I arranged as perfect as possible.

What if something goes wrong the day of the wedding?

wedding photoAs luck would have it, something went wrong the day of the wedding. Mind you, the mistake would probably be unnoticed by many people, but not this bride. Definitely not this one. The flowers came in but they were a shade darker than advertised. What she wanted was a sunlight yellow color and what came was colored sunset yellow, almost orange-yellow in color. Actually not a big deal since it was a shade that is close to the desired color, too close in fact that you wouldn’t notice unless someone points it out.

The bride, after careful inspection of the flowers, was close to fuming. She wanted to return the flowers to the vendor and promptly demand another set of correctly colored flowers, the colors she wanted. What came after were a series of calls made by me to the vendors. I know my requests would be denied but I tried nonetheless. You know the old adage “the customer is always right.”? That is basically how I operate given the competition of this business.

The game must go on

After several hours on the phone, I broke her the bad news that there would indeed be no flower replacement. She cried. I cried. I cried not because I failed her. I cried because I basically wasted my time talking about a futile thing. The time I spent on the phone could’ve been spent on something more productive, like making sure that the wedding would go as planned. Instead, I used my precious time consoling the bride and talking to vendors about a thing so small that 99% of the population won’t even noticed.

But the game must go on so we persevered. Well, I persevered through the day. The couple managed to have a pretty successful wedding, all things considered. However, that wedding could’ve been more perfect if it weren’t for the bride stressing over that one small thing. It’s worth pointing out that thinking about something so small, especially at the day of your wedding, can easily ruin this special occasion.